The Word Shaker

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Group 2  :  The Word Shaker

Group #2 members for “The Word Shaker”: Justin, hailbroubobsincanada12 /Sully and,  jessica161.

My 7/8 class in Wingham, Ontario along with another 7/8 class in Snowlake, Manitoba (also called The Idea Hive) has been working on reading “The Book Thief”.The Book Thief is about this Germany family that is Hiding a Jew in their basement. Also there is a boy called Max and this is where (The Word Shaker comes in) he makes a book and he shows this girl Liesel and then there is a bombing happening and then Max runs away on the second bombing… Our class is supposed  to guess what these pictures are about so here they are.

#1 Justin: The picture is Erik in a German shop trying to buy Max some stuff like a fake mustache, a mustache comb, two bottles of cologne called Hatred and Fear to look and smell more like a German.

#2 Sully: This shows us that with the Fuhrers words like ‘reclaim’ and ‘rights’ show me that the Fuhrers words are really powerful and it sort of brainwashes them.
Hailey: The Nazis are giving Germans a Nazi symbol to wear, that is like when the Nazis gave Jewish people the stars they had to wear.

#3 Jessica: It is Liesel holding a seed of Peace, Love, Hope & Faith.

#4 The trees are representing all the bad German people. The one that the girl is planting is representing a good person.

#5  The tree is the only good tree in Germany like it is the only good thing in that girls life, I think it’s Liesel.

#6 It is a girl sleeping in a tree because it is the only safe place for her. This represents Max sleeping in the Hubermanns basement because its the only safe place for him.

#7 Max is packing his suitcase, or bag to leave the Hubermanns house because Hans thought that the two Gestapo men were going to search the Hubermann house, and he didn’t want to take chances so he sent Max away.

#8 Max is climbing up the tree to find another safe place to hide away from the Nazi’s.

#9 Max and Liesel looking for each other while looking for a safe place to hide that only Liesel knows about and Liesel finds Max and shows him that safe place.

#10 Max and Liesel standing above everyone in a tree and realizing what Hitler was actually doing to the Jews and other Germans.

#11 It is Max and Liesel walking on the branch of the tree to heaven because they will die some time.

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